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Shamya Lynn

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2000-2021 Miami, Florida

Ms. Shamaya Shanté Lynn was bom June 19, 2000, in Miami Florida to Alicia Davis and Adrain Lynn.
She was the third oldest of four children.
Shamaya began her formal education at Charles R. Drew Elementary in Miami, Florida. She was an
excellent student and wouldn’t accept a grade lower than a C. She was an A-B student, and her education
was very important to her. In 2008, Shamaya moved to Orlando, Florida with her mom and siblings and
continued her education. She received her high school diploma in the Class of 2019, graduating with
honors and in the top 10% of her class.
Soon after graduation, Shamaya became pregnant with her first son, Veondre Jr. She knew she had to
provide for her son, so she set out goals and achieved them one by one. She started working for Checkers
Restaurant. Later, when she gave birth to her second child, Royale, she gained employment with the
New Balance Shoe Company. This job was perfect for her because it allowed her to work from home and
be home with her children every day. Shamaya made many sacrifices because she wanted her children
to have the best life, she could provide for them.
Shamaya was very active, had a bubbly personality, and enjoyed family gatherings. She meant so much
to so many people. She was a kind, loving and considerate. She was an amazing mother of two sons-
who she absolutely adored!! She was a thoughtful aunt, sister, daughter, granddaughter, and a loyal
friend. Today, as we remember Shamaya, let’s remember her humble, loving, and sensitive demeanor.
The way she was concerned about the feelings of others. Also, how she loved to cook, listen to music,
play dominoes and Uno. Shamaya enjoyed reading and planning play dates with the kids. Of course we
cannot forget how she loved to cook. This was a skill she learned from her grandfather, Philbert Davis,
who taught her everything he knew in the kitchen. They had a special bond that no one could change.
She also had a special relationship with her mom and sisters, who she would FaceTime every day.
Shamaya’s life was cut short, but we are grateful for the 21 years we had and all the memories we made.
On August 11, 2021, Shamaya Shanté Lynn departed this life. She is preceded in death by her brother
and sister, La’Chaiah Lowry and Lacarvia Lowry, Jr. She leaves treasured memories with her two
children Veondre Avery Jr., and Royale Avery; her mom: Alicia Davis, father: Adrain Lynn and stepdad
La’Carvia Lowry; Grandparents Philbert Davis, Felicia Robinson Davis, and Adrain Lynn, Sr. (Louise);
siblings: Tiambe Lynn, Zechiria Lynn, and Timaya Johnson; Aunts: Tawana Ellis Davis Thomas, Lakia
Charles Davis Brown; nieces: Y zanie Williams, De’lilah Powell and Ta’Nayiah Peterson; nephew:
D’Anthony Powell; great niece: Ca’Niyah Tyler; cousins: Darrion Bullard, Twanazique Bullard, Darrius
Bullard, Donovan Bullard, Jasmine Eddie, Heaven Eddie, Zaniyah Severin, Otis Razz, three close
friends; step father-in-law: Vincent Avery (April); Alexandria Oliver, “Poppy” and Linda Bellamy
(John), step father-in-law: Vincent Avery (April); mother-in-law, Linda Bellamy (John); brothers and
sisters-in-law: Vincent Avery Jr., Jalyn and Jaiya Armstrong, the entire Avery-Bellamy families and a
host of other relatives and sorrowing friends.

  • 06/19/2000
  • 08/11/2021
  • USA
  • Shamya
  • Lynn
  • Peaceful Zion Missionary Baptist Church
  • 08/20/2021
  • 3-7:00 PM
  • Peaceful Zion Missionary Baptist Church
    2400 NW 68 Street
    Miami, Florida

  • 08/21/2021 at 2:00 PM
Wright And Young Funeral Home

Wright And Young Funeral Home

Wright & Young Funeral Home 

15332 NW 7 Ave Miami FL 33169


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6 Responses

    1. No, what’s tacky is worrying about how another family, that is not yours, decided to grieve. It’s a damn global pandemic dummy. You have no clue who benefited from being able to view this virtually.

    2. Apparently you don’t realize we’re going through a pandemic right now and not everyone can do in person viewings. Many are having to do virtual viewings like this and sorry to inform you but it’s people of all races/ethnicities. You obviously failed to notice that the funeral home is the one who set up the live stream viewing so everyone that loved her could take part. Your comment makes it very clear that you’re just ignorant and racist. That came across very loud and clear. Maybe next time before you comment disgusting things this try using your brain for once because it’s obvious you’re lacking in that department. This is neither the time nor place to be leaving rude comments. A young bright woman with her whole life ahead of her is no longer here. Two small children lost a mother and her family, loved ones and friends lost someone they clearly cared deeply about. Learn to have some respect! Like her family really needs to see comments like yours. We have funerals/viewings for a reason in order for those close to the person to gain closure after losing some one. Maybe you have never lost someone that’s meant something to you but I have lost many including my two closest family members with in a year of each other. I can assure you, from experience and the advice of experts that a funeral is vital to getting through something like this. Even though no one likes a funeral, it’s an integral part of the grieving process to be able to say goodbye to someone you have loved and lost. Many can’t even begin to accept what has happened until they have that chance to say their last goodbye and it’s essential for the healing process.

      1. Amen!!!! 💖🙏🏻 Very well said!! I agree 1,000%!!!! I’m so glad someone besides me feels them last couple comments on here are rude and disrespectful to the family of this beautiful Queen!!! 👑💜 My sincerest condolences to her family and friends… peace, hugs and blessings!! RIP Baby Girl!! ❤️🕊️🙏🏻

    3. How disgusting are you to comment on a grieving family’s site with such an unnecessary comment, and racist comment at that! You either forgot how to act or behave properly, or your parents never even had manners to teach you in the first place!

      I’m caucasian, my nineteen year old son died suddenly from Addison’s Disease a few years ago, which completely shattered my world. My aunt, as she has always done at any family viewing/funeral, took pictures of my son in his viewing casket. As well as pictures of me with my moms, (my mom and her wife), and my younger son standing with me as I was playing my hand on his chest. Along with one of my younger son with his hand on his brother’s chest, and several others that are very respectful.

      I didn’t know she had taken them at the time, and I’m STILL grateful to this day that she did.

      My dad had passed away eight months before my son from kidney failure, due to type 1 diabetes. I was his sole caregiver. My then boyfriend has multiple candid shots of my caring for my father throughout those months, and then a few shots of me washing my dad’s face after he’d passed on. Which he’d done wrapped in my arms. His ashes are now scattered in a field of wildflowers in the mountains. My son’s ashes are still with me, in a gorgeous cherry wood urn.

      No parent should EVER lose their child. Then to have a bigot show up and comment nasty things on their memorial page?! Seriously! Grow up.

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