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Rickey L. Dixon, Sr.

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1969-2021 Miami, Florida
In Loving Momory

“To everything there is a season.” Ecclesiastes 3:1
Rickey Dixon or “Big Rick” as he was affectionately
called, was born on December 11, 1969, in Miami, Florida
to Connie Dixon and Harvey Fuller. He was the third oldest
of four born to this union. Raised in the City of Miami.
Rickey attended Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
At a young age of 14, Rickey met a pretty young girl named
Dorothy. Immediately they became buddies, best friends.
and then later developed a lifelong relationship. They were
inseparable and were blessed with five beautiful children.
Rickey was a great partner to Dorothy. Some would say they
were the true definition of a “ride or die relationship”,
because she had his back and he had hers! Together, they
had and raised five amazing children.
In addition to their five children, Rickey or “Rick Sr”, as he
was also called was blessed with another child, whom he
equally loved. Rickey was an amazing father to all of his
children and was so proud of each of their accomplishments.
Professionally, Rickey worked for Chris Tires for a while;
but had recently ignited his entrepreneurial skills and opened
his own landscaping company. He enjoyed cutting yards and
creating beautiful curb appeals. Equally or more importantly
Rickey enjoyed being his own boss and owning his own
business. Rickey enjoyed spending time with family. He
was the ultimate family man and he and Dorothy did every
thing with the children, creating lasting family memories.
As we remember Rickey today, we remember a man with a
great smile, who loved to joke around and make others
laugh. He had lots of friends who enjoyed being around him.
We remember his love for Dorothy and his six children. We
remember how proud he was of his children and how he
would brag about their accomplishments. Rickey instilled
good values into his children, and encouraged them to
always be self-sufficient! Losing Rickey, our life partner,
father, grandfather, uncle, and friend is a great loss to our
family; for we are grateful for every laugh we shared and
every memory made as friends.

  • 12/11/1969
  • 06/30/2021
  • USA
  • Rickey
  • L.
  • Dixon, Sr.
  • Wright and Young Funeral Home
  • 07/08/2021
  • 12-8:00 PM
  • 1140 NW 62 Street
    Miami, Florida

  • 07/10/2021 at 2:00 PM
Wright And Young Funeral Home

Wright And Young Funeral Home

Wright & Young Funeral Home 

15332 NW 7 Ave Miami FL 33169


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